Euro Projekt Architekci

Climate Institute

Autors: Mateusz Rybak, Emilie van Wijnbergen, Yildez Veldhuis tutors: Job Schroen (design), Joris Smith (structure), Frank Schnater (facade), Arjen Raue (climate)
Investor: -
Project: 2013

The purpose of the Climate Institute is to provide a meeting point for professionals on sustainable climate systems and people interested in climate. The main issue during the design process was to combine different spatial, climate and structure factors in different functions. A big part of the building exists of departments where permanent employees work. This part of the building has a more private character. The other part of the building has an open character; public en semi-public functions are easily reachable for the public: a large lecture hall, a workshop area and large exhibition space. The departments for the employees are placed at the top two floors of the building, in accordance with their more private character. The part of the building which is open to the public occupies the first four floors, to make these functions more accessible.

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