Euro Projekt Architekci

Energy Tower

Autors: Mateusz Rybak / tutors: Annebregje Snijders, Maarten Meijs, Marcel Bilow
Investor: Dolcan sp. z.o.o.
Project: 2014

The problem of the expanding suburbs of the cities, and the increasing number of abandoned office buildings seems to be a challenge for architects. Responding to the demand of spatial and functional urban circumstances, research assumed the redesign of the existing facilities in accordance with the principle of flex-buildings, based on the ability to respond rapidly to changes. In order to support the idea of unlimited transformation of the buildings, research entails the development of biodegradable panels of integrated façade, that meets the requirements of residential and office functions in terms of lighting, ventilation, and heating / cooling etc. The resulting panels could provide the answer to sustainable and economic transformations of the buildings, do not meet the technical modern requirements.

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